About Bar Am

Bar Am examines and presents new ideas through the prism of architecture and art

Since September 2021, Bar Am operates as a private show room on the 3rd floor of Goethestraße 2.

The rooms on the 2nd floor were my former studio. Neumeister Bar-Am gallery operated in those rooms until 2018 and since last year changing its name to Bar Am – the premises where I work and present art.

Table is a working space and a platform for new curatorial experiments. It is the largest room at Bar Am (60sqm).

Würfel is an 80cm3 exhibition space. It is a platform for site-specific experiments based around the parameters of the space. Meant to encourage artists and architects to develop works beyond their usual formats, Würfel challenges conventional modes of showing and provides a room that is accessible outside of itself.

Cabinet is the playfully contemplative exhibition space of Bar Am.
In 2019, the wooden panels of the old shelving system were replaced with mirrors. This opened up another dimension in the room. The new visual space was titled Cabinet.
Barak Bar Am

David Wojnarowicz, works from the Marion Scemama collection, 09.2021

Table, Line in the Sand, 03.2020

Table, work towards NEW default, 06.2020


Würfel, Gonzales Haase AAS, Insulted Fragment, 09.2019


Cabinet#04, Katsuhiko Matsubara, Hourglass #1,2,3, 07.2020